October 7, 2022


Our team at OPSAFESITE.COM are construction specialists that are known for our excellent work of erecting facilities in residential, commercial and industrial areas. We also engage in a number of other services related to construction work. We have a solid workflow with the following checklist:

Estimation service

Before any contract is agreed on paper or any construction work begins, our construction specialist will provide you with an accurate cost calculation of the project. Provision of estimation is vital for any project owner because it clearly highlights an approximate amount of funds that will be required for different phases of the project. With this service, you can conveniently decide whether you wish to go on with the project or terminate it if you lack sufficient funds.

Design work

The next important step is coming up with the design of a building. We are one of those experts who cover design-build projects, meaning that we will be responsible for both designing and construction of the building.

The design is customized to meet the client’s needs and budget. You will, therefore, have the chance to view the design to help make any necessary amendments. The design of a building will show a plan of the interior, paths to be followed by electrical and plumbing lines among other facilities. Our building team will then finish the project in regards to the budget, size and put everything in reality as you visualize it.

Building and construction

This is the phase where the actual work of erecting a construction starts. This service entails land excavation, foundation digging in preparation for the building and the real construction of the structure. A lot of labor, expertise and cost are included in this phase. Numerous construction materials and machinery are ferried to the building site for the build-out of the project. Time-frame of the project completion is strictly observed to prevent overruns and budget increments. Some variables like changes in weather and limitation in budgets may, however, affect the completion of a project.

Repair and remodeling

Part of the construction work includes repairs especially after the building is complete. This may or may not come immediately. Some clients would want us who builds their structure to do the repair work. If repairs is requested within 3 months after erecting a building, we do not charge for the service if the damage was due our mistake.

Other services

We also can cover other related services such as:

  • Home remodeling services in different areas of residential homes such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, living rooms and garages.

Safe evacuation and storage of assets before remodeling work

  • Demolition of old buildings
  • Reconstruction after natural or manmade disasters
  • Plumbing
  • Landscaping

Hiring one contractor to carry out multiple tasks in your project is not only time saving but may get you some discounts from the service provider and save on your budget.